Neo Components AutoComplete TextBox

Neo Components AutoComplete TextBox 1.0

An Autocomplete TextBox like the ones you find in the latest browsers
1.0 (See all)
Neo Components

An Autocomplete TextBox like the ones you find in the latest browsers. Automatically builds a list of entries, saves and retrieves the list without the developer having to writeany code or setting any property at all. Just drop it in your application just like a standard TextBox, and use it like same.

Main Features:
- Automatic building, filtering, sorting and displaying of previous entries as the user types in.
- Automatic Save & Retrieval of the List in the Registry, without even setting a property
- Building a list from an Array, Single String, Collection, or individual Items
- True Popup List
- Returns the List as a CrLf delimited String for Custom Save/Retrieval
- Optionally saves the current Item to the List on carriage return
- A Flat and 3D appearance
- Optional Down Arrow button for the user to manually display the list, makes it look more like a Standard ComboBox
- Events When the List is about to display, when the User selects an Item from the List or when the List closes up
- All standard features of a TextBox
- A small single .ocx with no dependencies other than VB Runtime
- Built for VB6, Built with VB6 SP5
- Comes with a Help File
- Its a freeware

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